Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Make it: Scary Straws

There are a lot of benefits of once working at a scrapbooking store. One is the amazing, creative an inspiring friends I made there. Another is a never ending craft supply that comes in handy when I want to make something. Case in point, scary straws. 

I kind of have a thing for cute straws so they were available. Then the bats are old embellishments from my working days in the store. The spring was one of the various metals that I have stored in my supplies because, you never know when you will need a spring, right? 

I basically wrapped the spring around the straw, cutting it in half for two. Then I just bent it into shape. A little glue on the back of the bat, and voila! We are in business. 

So spooky, right? It was quick and easy to make. And made that ButterBeer all the more enjoyable! Cheers!

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