Monday, June 18, 2018

Field Trip: Rage Industry

I don't know about you, but life has been a bit crazy for us over here! With Sam graduating, Kate moving back, Steve's family in town, a party to plan, and other things we have a lot going on. You are left with a pair of two completely stressed out people. It used to be that I could put on a sappy movie, cry my eyes out and feel better. This time around I wanted something a little more active that would really work out some of these feelings I have been either holding back, or that have been simmering right below the surface.

That's where Rage Industry comes in. Steve and I read about it some months ago, and were recently reminded of it when they did something similar on an episode of the Bachelorette. We figured this would be just the ticket for a fun date that would help us both work through some extreme emotions. We booked the Double Trouble service and headed down to Seattle for some fun! 

We were greeted by Leslie, the owner and found that they have been open about a year (since April 2017). She said that things have been going well, as we would imagine since there are so many things to be angry or frustrated about these days. We were shown the wall where you chose your items (we were allocated 36 for our scheduled time) and got down to business.

Steve and I each had a crate to fill and got down to business. We chose a mix of beer, wine and other items to break. I found a couple of heavy ashtrays (that were amazing to go after with a sledgehammer!) and we ended up adding a couple of large vases from a dollar pile that were very satisfying to smash. 

Before you head back to the room where you go crazy you are given safety gear and a locker to store your things. You are encouraged to make a playlist that you can synch to a waiting speaker that they thankfully set up for you since you are a bit goofy with all the gear. There is a wall of "weapons" that you can choose from that ranges from sledgehammers, golf clubs, bats and a crowbar. Once they start the timer you get to it!

There are a couple of surfaces available to "rage" on, including a stack of tires that you can use to stack items on or just go crazy on! It was crazy to see what broke easily, what would shatter allover the room, and how quickly the time went and how sweaty and spent we were in the time allotted. 

This is us straight after. Can you see the steam in my glasses? We are unhurt and feeling like we left it in the Rage room. I would say it was better for me at this time than a sad movie as far as working through some emotions. It was a great date for us at this stage in our marriage and I think it would be an incredible way to learn about someone early in a relationship! I may also send Steve back for some time there alone to just go crazy by himself when work stress is getting to him. And I can think of all sorts of occasions to give a give certificate from there. What do you think? Would you try it? 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Deep Thoughts: Beauty and Terror

Like many of you I have been doing a lot of reading following the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I could say I have been struggling to understand, but as someone that has experienced depression and is familiar with mental health issues I sadly find it not to much of a reach. 

Life is hard. It's a struggle and it can be scary and difficult at times. When I have been in the midst of depression it's like a big cloud descends and I feel nothing. No joy, no light. Just grey. And once that hits it's hard to reach out. You know what you should do, but you just don't have the energy or frankly the will to do those things. 

I can't even tell you what prompts me to tend to myself in these moments. I do know that having touched the depths, I feel like I can appreciate the highs a bit more. Much like the ease of water when you are thirsty. I wouldn't wish depression on anyone, but I understand it makes me who I am.

I think I appreciate most the posts that encourage us to pay attention to others. Not just the ones that appear to be in pain, but to all we hold dear. I was first diagnosed by a therapist that suggested that I laughed far too much in a way that seemed false. He was right. It was a front that I has found easy to put up. 

I don't have much to add to the conversation. Just that I will be watching my friends and hugging more freely, and hope you will too. I found the following quote in one of the many discussions and thought it was fitting. 

Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. 

-Rainer Maria Rilke 

Monday, June 4, 2018

On My Rader: A Modern Take on Class Jewelry by GLDN

During this year a lot of information came home with regards to graduation. When the packet came home with all the deets for Sam's graduation gown and cap it also came with an order form for class rings. Sam was not impressed with what was on offer, though we both thought it would be nice to have a piece of jewelry to mark the occasion. 

During a conversation with my lovely friend Emma that works at GLDN we both realized that there were pieces they offer that would be perfect as a modern take on class jewelry. Rings and necklaces that you would want to wear everyday rather than just bring out for reunions. We found there were quite a few pieces that would lend themselves perfectly to commemorate ones graduation while still be modern enough to wear every day. 

So GLDN kindly gifted Sam with a couple of pieces which I thought I would share here! She is so excited she hasn't taken them off since she opened the box! The first piece she chose was the Personalized Memoire Ring. She is able to have a subtle piece that celebrates her graduation that she can wear anytime. And if her reaction to it is any indication she will be wearing it daily!

The next piece Sam chose was the Personalized Marseille Pendant Necklace. This time she decided to have 2018 set in Roman numerals and it turned out so beautifully. My photo doesn't do it justice. Again, it's one that she can wear anytime and feel cool. And I like that these pieces feel like the start of a jewelry wardrobe. Pieces that you can collect over time and wear forever. 

A friend overheard our planning and decided to order a couple of pieces for her daughter. She also chose the Personalized Memoire Ring but decided to do it in a different finish, font, and use Roman numerals. I love that while they are both subtle they have a very personal feel to both. (Again my photo doesn't do this ring justice!)

My friend ordered a second piece for her daughter as well. We were talking about all the feelings we are having about our girls leaving for college and she decided she wanted a piece that would remind her daughter that she was always with her. So she decided on the Mila Disk Bracelet with a simple heart design.

Sam is considering the Kissy Face Friendship Set as a graduation gift for a friend that she will be away from when she leaves for college. It would be a modern and cool update on the "best friends" necklace from junior high!

This idea turned out even better than I could imagine. Everything is made in La Conner by hand and all the pieces come on a card signed by the maker. And the fun part? GLDN has extended an offer of $5 off any order (expires July 1st). Just include the promo code GRAD2018. Let me know if you decide to try them! 


Monday, May 28, 2018

Deep Thoughts: Being a Mother of Girls

We are fast approaching the graduation of our youngest daughter and it feels like a marker in our journey as parents. This part of our journey as their guides is over, and a new one begins.  Just like that they are practically adults and it's time to relate to them in a different way. We have grown along with them in ways I would have never predicted. I have been stretched. I have been tested and challenged. And it's all been incredibly worth it. 

Steve and I always knew we would like to have two kids. And that they were both girls was a bonus for me as I grew up with a sister. Sure they fight. Sure they drive each other crazy. But in the end they have each other and I can't think of a better gift. No one else can relate to the stories they can tell of growing up in our crazy household. No one else can commiserate about their parents trying to keep things equal but not always succeeding. 

And hopefully we have done well by these two women. And will continue to do so. Our relationship doesn't end, it just changes considerably. I love talking with them honestly about things I would discuss with my girlfriends and not having to censor myself. They are smart, they are honest and they are funny. We are proud of who they are and that they are ours. We are also proud that they are their own people who are learning to navigate in the world on their own. They are figuring things out and trying things on. 

 We are happy to release them to the world, knowing they always have a landing place with us. That they will never have to worry about being out there in the world alone. That family is where they started and where they end. We love these humans that we are proud to know and call ours. And we are excited to see where their adventures take them. This adventure is only beginning. For them and for us. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Deep Thoughts: Mother's Day Thoughts

Today is Mother's Day and I have enjoyed breakfast in bed, gifts and cards from our girls, a picnic, some thrifting and a relaxing lovely day. Now I am here feeling thoughtful and grateful. 

This year has been full of loss and heartache for friends I am close to. My own relationship with my mother is strained, making Mother's day feel a bit complicated. All this is a constant reminder that Mother's Day isn't all sunshine and flowers for all women. 

This is a love letter to all women. That support one another. That are mourning a loss. That are hoping this will one day be a day to celebrate in the future. We mourn together. We celebrate together. And we hold one another up. 

This motherhood thing is not easy. It's something I would never survive without my friends. They are many and they are varied. Some are mothers, and some are not. All are special to me. Today I celebrate my women friends. Both mothers and otherwise. Cheers to them. 


Monday, May 7, 2018

Field Trip: Yellow Co. Tour Stop in Seattle (and some thoughts on Self Care)

Yesterday Samantha and I had the great fun of attending the Seattle stop of the Yellow Co. Tour. The thing that made me really want to attend (besides the incredible speaker they had lined up!) was the fact that one of the creators of the organization, Joanna Waterfall is someone I had met years ago at a blogging conference. It just felt like a sign that we should go!

The Yellow Co. is an organization that is all about empowering women to figuring out how to make their purpose match their passions. This tour stop theme was self care. I'm all about this topic and was happy to hear what the different women had to say about it. 

First up was Moorea Seal, a woman for whom my admiration grows every time I'm around her. She shares openly and vulnerably in an age of trolls and criticism and has no fear of speaking passionately about the things she cares about. She spoke eloquently on making sure that while we pursue a career we are passionate about, that we take care of the personal. 

Next up were two women that I follow on instagram and it was wonderful to see them in real life. Brandy Brown, of Marabou Design answered questions along with Deborah Shepherd of The Broke Minimalist. They had a lot to say about having a business, setting boundaries, and taking care of yourself in the process. 

Molly Moon was next up and she took to the stage with her sweet baby Odessa in arms. This was my first time hearing her speak and I was so taken with her smarts, drive to make a difference, mixed with a love of connection. She was funny and wise and I hope to see her speak again in the future. 

The speakers ended with Joanna interviewing Sharon Lee of the Low Income Housing Institute, the "Do Good" Partner of the tour. She shared about the Tiny housing project she is a part of to help with the homeless crisis in Seattle, and shared about her journey in getting to this point. She also had some things to say about self care! 

I thought it would be easiest to summarize everyone's thoughts on self-care to talk about them. 

Moorea Seal - Occasionally it means therapy. Journaling. Working on self thru goals and self-reflection. 
Brandy Brown - Time with friends. And occasionally just time doing nothing. 
Deborah Shepherd - Meditation. Prayer. Journaling 
Molly Moon - The occasional massage. Visits to the "naked spa" (The Korean Spa in Lynnwood)
Sharon Lee - Swimming in the many different pools of Seattle. Getting a massage. Dim Sum.

I just wanted to put all the different responses together to show the variety. I have a concern that "self-care" is going to become another thing that we start to see on instagram along with the gorgeous bath setting and the candle, the bath salts and the perfect shot. And it's great to see all these gorgeous shots. What I hope we don't do is compare and shame ourselves about our own care. I had a conversation about this with Moorea before she spoke and we both agreed that sometimes self-care looked like McDonalds fries and three hours of Netflix, something you probably wouldn't see a post about. And it's okay. Whatever works for you is self care. 

I just want to encourage you to take care of yourself how you see fit. Wether it's moving your body, getting a massage, or just sitting still in your car before picking up your kids. It's just important to do it. Whatever it looks like. On Saturday after the conference for me it looked like a cone from Molly Moon. Today it looked like a barre3 class. What does self care look like for you? 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Get Thrifty: Prom Dress Thrifting

Samantha just had her last Prom of High School this past weekend. We had decided that we would thrift her dress as we had others so we started a few weeks early to give ourselves plenty of time. We've had some good luck with thrifting regular items as well as special occasion dressing at this point so I thought I would share a few pointers. 

1. Have an inspiration.
With special occasion dressing I think it's really helpful to have an inspiration to search for. In this case Sam was moved to search for something you would see in a movie from the 80's! We found photos of the dress from the prom scene of Footloose and the final scene of Sixteen Candles and started from there. 

2. Take photos.
It's one thing looking at yourself in the mirror, but it's something else looking at a photo. There is a remove that makes it a bit easier to be objective about if a dress is working or not. We will often take a quick photo of something we are considering then delete it right away just for the moment of peeking at it. 

3. Be Open to Surprises.
Though Sam was hoping for something along the lines of her inspiration pieces, we both knew that we might not find what she was hoping for. So we were both open to finding something different. This green dress was something special that we both thought might fit the bill. It was a vintage Jessica McClintock that with a little love we though could be a head turner. But we decided to look just a little bit more. 

4. Bring along someone you trust.
Thrift shopping can sometimes be a tedious thing though we find it fun. It's helpful to bring along someone that has the same love for it that you do, and that can see possibility in the racks along with you. (and maybe keep you laughing as you search!)

5. Have a tailor you trust.
We found the dress that we knew would be the one with a little work (that cost $5!). We love and trust Tommy the Tailor downtown and ran it down to them immediately to make sure there would be plenty of time to get it tailored. It needed the sleeves and neckline worked on but otherwise it was ready. 

6. Remember the extras
We have been really fortunate to work with Rebecca of Rebecca's Flower Shoppe and she really outdid herself for this one. Sam decide to really go for it with the Sixteen Candles look. We shared the inspiration photos with Rebecca and decided to go for a flower headband due to costs. Rebecca decided to go ahead and make Samantha the crown, and graciously gifted it to her! We were so surprised and stunned, and it just made her look that much more special! 

So what do you think? Did she do it? We were pretty happy with her look! Her dress with the tailoring cost a total of $30. I love that she brought the Sixteen Candles look into the present!