Monday, April 25, 2016

Behind the Scenes...

Do you enjoy going behind the scenes? Does anyone remember the clips on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood where they would visit a candy factory and check out how candy was made? Oh wait, I'm the oldest person in the room? Okay, how about the clips on the cooking channel where they would visit different candy factories and show how things are made? I found that stuff fascinating. 

And now I find it even more so. Maybe it's due to all the time my husband has spent in food production and other production type jobs. Or maybe it's just cool to see peanut butter jars heading down the line and being filled then capped and placed into boxes. 

The other behind the scenes I really like? Meeting people and seeing what is really going on with them. Such as when I meet the incredibly adorable, whip-smart entrepreneur that is doing amazing things at an age where all I could think about was filling my time with shopping and experiences and she confesses social anxiety. 

Or I meet someone that runs a successful business that employees up to fifteen people and she has been up for Bellingham Business Woman of the year and she confesses that she sometimes feels no confidence and that she doesn't have it all figured out. 

I know it's just another way of saying we all have our story. But we truly all have a story. And it's incredibly refreshing to see people as a whole…the big, the small, the smart, the confident, the uncertain. And it's a gift to share all of it. The rewarding times, and the times that are scary and uncertain. 

I'm thankful for the women that inspire me with what they have aspired to. And I am incredibly humbled when they let me see behind the scenes. Do you share with others on that level? Do you pay attention when others try and share their story with you? I think we are all richer for it when we do.