Saturday, January 30, 2016

Well, hello!

January. A reset. A chance to return to what makes one happy. And I forgot for a moment what about blogging made me happy. After attending a co-storming event put on my Melody Biringer and being surrounded by like minded and incredibly supportive women I remembered. 

I remembered that I want to write. That maybe I'm good at it and maybe I'm not, but it's something I want to make a part of my life. 

That I want to talk about topics in my life and see who out there can relate, can have a conversation with me about those topics, both big and small. Fun and maybe not so fun (aging I am looking at you!) 

And mainly that I want to use it to connect with others. I have found that all those bloggers that I have admired, that I enjoy, that I want to follow their journey…it's because I feel a connection with them. 

So, I am back. To talk about subjects both big and small. Fun and maybe not so fun and sometimes a bit tender. And I invite you to join me and by all means talk to me and consider this an invitation to join me in a journey.