Monday, June 27, 2016

Pieces of Summer...

Summer is the best! There are summer camps, late nights running around with friends, bon fires, outdoor movies. And then you remember you are an adult with adult things to do like work and such and it's not quite the same. 

So, how do you find ways to fit those spots of summer in? My husband and I have a couple of ways to make it feel like we aren't missing out.  There are of course times when we are able to get away for a trip, or head out of town camping. But when there's not, we make do with some simple things that remind us that it's still summer. 

Many nights we head to the lake after dinner for a quick dip. We often prefer to do this during the week when it's quiet and we can just sneak in and out with our noodles and jump in for a quick hour or two to splash around. Afterwards we head home feeling refreshed and happy. 

We spend an evening at our local junior league baseball game. I have to be honest, I'm not really into baseball. But an evening of people watching, sitting out in the open air and eating peanuts? Count me in! 

Eat as much fruit as humanly possible! We eat all the berries and watermelon in sight. Getting to pick them yourself is a bonus, but if not just having them on hand is the best. My husband is even choosing watermelon over cookies right now. 

What ways have you found to keep summer alive while staying in your routine? I'd love to hear some other ideas! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

My Year of Saying Yes...

When I turned 50 this year I was approached by my co-workers to see if as I gift I would like to join them on a "Little Black Dress Challenge." What is that you ask? Well, it's a 6 week program where you follow an eating guide and you follow a workout at a gym. (we are doing our's thru Lab Athletics here in Bellingham)

With it being a big birthday and me deciding to say "yes" to things…and to having feeling healthy being part of my goals I said yes. Let me just tell you behind Door #2 was a glassybaby. So, I'm feeling like I have just won a challenge with the choice right there. That was a hard one! And let me also say that I expressed interest in the challenge when it was discussed at work…it's not something they suggested to me. They aren't "those kind of co-workers!' They are truly kind, let's do this thing together, let's cheer one another thru a challenge kind of friends. 

So, we go thru orientation and get all the papers and do the weigh in and the measurements. And I'm good with that. And we do all the meal prep and the no eating sugar, or bread of any kind and I'm good with all that. 

But, I am terrified of the gym. And I'm not exaggerating when I say terrified! If I could get out of gym class in school I did…any way I could. Using excuses, joking around, ANYTHING. I am no what you would call a sporty girl. When I was a kid you would find me either with my nose in a book or in a ballet class. 

So, when I say terrified I am talking top of the coaster on the way to the top drop in the stomach scared. But…I went to class. And did a bench press. And that was scary, but it was doable. And then there was another class. And I was scared, and there was running and a weight sled and I did that.  And there was another class On Friday and it was scary and yet, I did it. 

And though it's all been scary, it's been a bit thrilling. And though I am no way a gym rat I can say it's no longer as intimidating. I think it's been a great lesson to myself to push thru it. There is no limit to personal growth, and no shelf date to trying. 

Is there anything that scares you that you are considering trying? Do you have anyone that would be your cheerleader? 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Dealing with a Broken Heart

On Friday morning I woke to a text letting me know that a friend of mine had passed away on Wednesday. This was a friend from my first "real" job and one that I can't even imagine out in the world doing his thing. 

The morning was filled with calls and texts between the rest of the crew that once worked together and the best thing that came out of it was hearing from all of them. These were people that I bonded with as much as those that I met at college. There were so many things we lived thru together…dating, navigating the city, marriages. There was no way to be prepared for this. 

What's the response to crazy, shocking news like this? There were a lot of tears of course. And they haven't stopped yet. 

But the other response? Was to go out to Mexican food. To get outside and pick strawberries. To be together as a family. In a weird way it felt like the best way to honor him. It was a huge reminder that we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. It's so easy to forget that as we go along and get caught up in the everyday. We breeze along until news like this catches us short.  It's a reminder to me to get out there and live. How would you respond? 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cookies & Coffee

When my ahem, 50th birthday started staring me in the face I contemplated throwing myself a party. I had done it for my 40th, and it was one of the funnest things ever. The planning was part of the fun for this girl! Planning just what things would surprise, excite and help bring my different friend groups together. So, with some encouragement from my husband (who is so much happier to have the pressure off him!) it was decided to go for it!

When I start party planning there is usually something that I feel will be the "thing." The thing that all other ideas will play off of, and will bring the "kapow!" This year I decided it would be having the party catered by Jenna Kincaid of The Sweet Petite. First because her cookies are amazing, second she is hysterical! Getting to have what she calls "the Whip" here was an extra show stopper! 

Next it was a general theme. My favorite thing besides cookies right now is of course coffee. So it was set. Boozy coffees, cookies, some lovely fragrant Tattly tattoos as party favors and an instax camera ready to capture the fun. 

Jenna asked if there was flavor that I would like to have in a cookie and what came to mind was chocolate chip mint. She made it happen and it was a hit! All that was left was to cut into the cake! 

And socialize and eat lots of cookies. One big, lovely difference that I noticed between this year and my 40th was that everyone mixed this year. Having friends from all the different areas of your life mingling is something really special. I really just wanted an excuse to have a bunch of women get together and have a chance to have some really wonderful conversations and that happened. 

Steve was the only guy there and it was the best having him by my side. And he tolerated the conversation and the turns they took well!  So, this turning another year old wasn't the worst thing ever!