Monday, June 27, 2016

Pieces of Summer...

Summer is the best! There are summer camps, late nights running around with friends, bon fires, outdoor movies. And then you remember you are an adult with adult things to do like work and such and it's not quite the same. 

So, how do you find ways to fit those spots of summer in? My husband and I have a couple of ways to make it feel like we aren't missing out.  There are of course times when we are able to get away for a trip, or head out of town camping. But when there's not, we make do with some simple things that remind us that it's still summer. 

Many nights we head to the lake after dinner for a quick dip. We often prefer to do this during the week when it's quiet and we can just sneak in and out with our noodles and jump in for a quick hour or two to splash around. Afterwards we head home feeling refreshed and happy. 

We spend an evening at our local junior league baseball game. I have to be honest, I'm not really into baseball. But an evening of people watching, sitting out in the open air and eating peanuts? Count me in! 

Eat as much fruit as humanly possible! We eat all the berries and watermelon in sight. Getting to pick them yourself is a bonus, but if not just having them on hand is the best. My husband is even choosing watermelon over cookies right now. 

What ways have you found to keep summer alive while staying in your routine? I'd love to hear some other ideas! 

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