Monday, June 13, 2016

Dealing with a Broken Heart

On Friday morning I woke to a text letting me know that a friend of mine had passed away on Wednesday. This was a friend from my first "real" job and one that I can't even imagine out in the world doing his thing. 

The morning was filled with calls and texts between the rest of the crew that once worked together and the best thing that came out of it was hearing from all of them. These were people that I bonded with as much as those that I met at college. There were so many things we lived thru together…dating, navigating the city, marriages. There was no way to be prepared for this. 

What's the response to crazy, shocking news like this? There were a lot of tears of course. And they haven't stopped yet. 

But the other response? Was to go out to Mexican food. To get outside and pick strawberries. To be together as a family. In a weird way it felt like the best way to honor him. It was a huge reminder that we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. It's so easy to forget that as we go along and get caught up in the everyday. We breeze along until news like this catches us short.  It's a reminder to me to get out there and live. How would you respond? 

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