Monday, June 20, 2016

My Year of Saying Yes...

When I turned 50 this year I was approached by my co-workers to see if as I gift I would like to join them on a "Little Black Dress Challenge." What is that you ask? Well, it's a 6 week program where you follow an eating guide and you follow a workout at a gym. (we are doing our's thru Lab Athletics here in Bellingham)

With it being a big birthday and me deciding to say "yes" to things…and to having feeling healthy being part of my goals I said yes. Let me just tell you behind Door #2 was a glassybaby. So, I'm feeling like I have just won a challenge with the choice right there. That was a hard one! And let me also say that I expressed interest in the challenge when it was discussed at work…it's not something they suggested to me. They aren't "those kind of co-workers!' They are truly kind, let's do this thing together, let's cheer one another thru a challenge kind of friends. 

So, we go thru orientation and get all the papers and do the weigh in and the measurements. And I'm good with that. And we do all the meal prep and the no eating sugar, or bread of any kind and I'm good with all that. 

But, I am terrified of the gym. And I'm not exaggerating when I say terrified! If I could get out of gym class in school I did…any way I could. Using excuses, joking around, ANYTHING. I am no what you would call a sporty girl. When I was a kid you would find me either with my nose in a book or in a ballet class. 

So, when I say terrified I am talking top of the coaster on the way to the top drop in the stomach scared. But…I went to class. And did a bench press. And that was scary, but it was doable. And then there was another class. And I was scared, and there was running and a weight sled and I did that.  And there was another class On Friday and it was scary and yet, I did it. 

And though it's all been scary, it's been a bit thrilling. And though I am no way a gym rat I can say it's no longer as intimidating. I think it's been a great lesson to myself to push thru it. There is no limit to personal growth, and no shelf date to trying. 

Is there anything that scares you that you are considering trying? Do you have anyone that would be your cheerleader? 

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