Monday, January 14, 2019

Field Trip: Goodwill Outlet Seattle

 Have you seen the video Thriftshop by Macklemore? It was the first time I had seen the Goodwill Outlet in action and it made me curious. (and it may play in my mind when I'm thrifting) I have always loved the thrill of the hunt associated with thrifting, and this just seemed next level. I read up on other peoples experiences with an outlet and it doubled the curiosity. There were great finds, unusual finds, and just plain crazy experiences. It sounded like something I wanted to try. 

 Steve also decided that he was interested and it turned into a family day at the Goodwill Seattle Outlet. Our girls are gifted at finding cool things, Kate especially so. They both have their own style and know what they are looking for. They were ready to dive in and find the cool stuff. 

 Digging thru bins of thrift store clothing can be dirty work. Sam opted to wear gloves, and I saw some people there face masks. I was good with a good swipe with a baby wipe after. This place is huge, and there are a lot of bins to dig thru. There are major amounts of bins out in lines. And bins come out of the back all the time. 

We stuck to the bins full of clothing and shoes, though there are all kinds of things to be found. I picked up a huge dinosaur robot, but as it wasn't working I put it back. Kate found multiple pairs of shoes and we found tons of clothes and a blanket that we will keep in Steve's car for road trips. 

The pricing is by pounds and is weighed out when you check out. There are bags available but I think in the future we will bring our own...maybe even a big IKEA bag that we used to move Sam into school. It was crazy just how much we decided to buy, even after going thru our cart and putting stuff bag. Even crazier was what we brought home! 

Sam found this cute jumpsuit that is going to be so much fun when the weather turns. Kate brought home three pairs of shoes, there were numerous tee shirts and sweaters. 

The shoes I'm wearing are from the Outlet. Nine West booties that I'm guessing cost less than $5. And they look brand new. Our total for a cartful of loot? $44.32, and day of entertainment. What do you think? Is this something you would try doing? I'm excited for our next visit and curious what the find of the day will be. What would you expect to find? 

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