Monday, January 21, 2019

Deep Thoughts: Why I'm Not Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Are you busy tidying up and folding clothes and deciding if things give you joy? I feel like I'm being part of the crowd right now, but I'm not taking part in the craze. There are multiple reasons why I'm not. 

One reason is I am somewhat of a maximalist. When I love something I really love it. I collect coffee table books, earrings, and apparently lipgloss. When I love something I love it hard! I find that there are a few things that give me so much joy I go all in. 

But I also try and go for quality when I buy these days. And I try and buy carefully which I hope leads to less need for a big clean out. Though I love trying new things, I tend to be fairly brand loyal leading to no need for excess. 

There are some things I learned when I read her book some time ago. Steve and I went thru all our paperwork and weeded out so much that wasn't needed. We looked at the girls' artwork and schoolwork with them and decided what to keep. And we went thru a bunch of our old photos to cull them down to the important ones. 

We are such regulars at the thrift stores that it feels normal to keep a bag always on hand for items to take in for donation. I usually feel like it's reasonable to donate a pair of shoes if I bring a new pair in. And clothing is something that I try to keep to a reasonable amount. I think it's okay to have things that you are really attached to, and things that come and go. As long as there is a balance of course. I guess you could call me maximalist with minimalist leanings! 

What do you think? Do you find it easy to purge? Do you deal with your possessions in a different more novel way? I would love to hear your method! 

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