Monday, November 5, 2018

Field Trip: Star A-Frame Tiny Cabin, Cedar Bloom, OR

On our recent road trip to the California Redwoods and back up the Oregon coast Steve and I had a few special nights planned. We planned to spend a couple of nights camping in his car, then a few nights in some funky spots.  One we were really excited about was in Cave Junction, Oregon with hipcamp

Steve found these incredible little cabins when planning for the trip.  Tiny little A-frame cabins with twin beds and with a roof that tilts up to form an awning.The Star A-Frame Tiny Cabin is located in Cave Junction, Oregon, a little town near the Redwoods. We loved how sweet and snuggly they looked and looked forward to something that seemed a little adventurous. 

We knew we were traveling in the off season so we expected that the many cabins,yurts and tent spots onsite might be vacant. What we didn't expect was to be the only ones there...on 100 acres. We were met by one of the hosts who explained the amenities, then left to our own devices. We hung out in the cabins for a while, enjoying the quiet then took a walk to the river. 

After dinner in town we were back at the cabin snuggled under comforters and woolly blankets enjoying the view of the stars thru the wall. We stayed warm even when the temperature dropped. And though I had to make a bathroom run to the composting toilet it was an easy walk from our cabin. 

The next morning Steve and I had time to relax and enjoy the cabin. Steve ran to get us coffee from Dutch Brothers and we spent time just hanging in bed with the awning up. Then we spent some time in the sauna, before showering in the gorgeous outdoor shower that overlooked the river. 

The only company we had the entire time were there was the two cats that live there. They followed us around everywhere, including the shower! 

Have you tried hipcamp? They have such a huge array of camping options, from tents to cabins to more unusual experiences. I love quick getaways in the Fall and Winter so we are bookmarking cabins as options for the future. If you are interested in trying them, you are welcome to use my code, TAMMYTHIELE to receive ten dollars off.  And let me know what you think! 


  1. This for some reason reminds me of people who trick out school buses and live in them!
    I bet the view of the stars was gorgeous, and what a silly kitty :P
    Missing you!
    Lexi <3

  2. You two are so hip!! The creativity in others constantly amazes me. These are just brilliant. Thank you for sharing Tammy. Soxglad your trip was so fun ❌⭕️