Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make it: ButterBeer & scary straws

So last week I talked a bit about our little family social with Butterscotch Beer for the girls and  "real" beer for the adults. As we had some of the Butterscotch left over Samantha and I decided to make a couple of ButterBeers a la Harry Potter. Of course that called for a little bit of staging, and some special straws! 

All we had to do is dig up some props that made us think of Harry Potter...books, old letters and the like. Then the straws which I will talk about later. And then just some scoops of ice cream in a glass, a pour over, and voila! We had to work quickly with all that foam. 

Samantha was more than willing to help with the "clean-up" after! Now we are off to watch a Harry Potter marathon in preparation for Halloween. Do you have any shows you watch to get you in the holiday mood?

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