Friday, October 4, 2013

Make it: Bubble Gum Garland

So when I shared my Halloween mantle you may have noticed the fun multi-colored garland. It was inspired by a DIY that I found on the lovely & talented Kelly Lanza's blog Studio DIY. I found a fun gumball swizzle stick on her instagram feed that I made for my husband's birthday celebrations and it made me gumball crazy. When I found Halloween colors they were perfect to make this garland! I found it to be easy. Just pierce your gumballs (I used an old Making Memories paper piercer that I have on hand), and then feed your line thru. I used a rustic twine. Then just make sure to knot on both sides to hold your gumballs in place. And voila. These could be done in any colors for any type of d├ęcor. I'm already looking for Christmas colors for my Holiday mantle!