Monday, January 1, 2018

Deep Thoughts: The Crazy Ride that was 2017

I think we can all agree that 2017 wasn't the best year when it comes to the bigger things in life. It was a time of anxiety, upset and serious disappointment in so many things happening in our world. 

But those feelings led to things like marching for what one believes in, investing in small business and slow fashion that one feels good about, and having experiences that reminded us about all the best things about life. So I decided it was important to remember these things and go over them. Care to take a walk thru 2017 with me? 

This year seemed to be one of music which makes me incredibly happy. I had the pleasure of treating Steve to seeing one of his favorite bands, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was not only an incredible show music wise, it included an amazing light show. 

Thanks to my incredible friend Pam, I was treated to a show at the Neptune of the Poptones. Then we headed cross-country in August to see (and meet Garbage!) Garbage and all time music idol Debbie Harry leading up Blondie! Life changing. 

Having a teenager can kill you and/or keep you young. Sam has been great at keeping me young for the most part, and introducing me to new music. One of her favorites is NSP, and we had the greatest time singing and dancing at their show. Thankfully they do a bunch of covers from my era so I wasn't too far out of my comfort zone!

There was some travel this year, mostly related to California. During a trip to San Diego we snuck away for a visit to spend some time in Springfield and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. They were both so much fun and an instagram dream! On that trip we also wandered into the Flower fields of Carlsbad, another photographers dream. And truly a gorgeous sight in real life. 

Another trip took Steve and I back to Palm Spring where we spent some time at the relaxing Sparrow Lodge and found ourselves wandering around looking at the amazing architecture and ran across the famous pink door! 

We continued to explore small business and found ourselves falling in love with the people behind them. Apse Adorn opened a storefront which is quickly becoming a regular stop on our stops downtown, especially with all they have planned for the future. 

We were lucky enough to get a tour of Moorea Seal's new store by Moorea herself and snap some quick pictures with her on her gorgeous couch. Steve and I found ourselves back at Christmas doing some fun shopping at one of her Happy Hours, picking out treats and sipping champagne! 

Sam and I found ourselves helping Spruce with the undertaking of bedecking the Downtown Parkade with a balloon garland that made us all amazed once again at the creativity of Brittney. And her store continues to be one that hosts and draws interesting and makers of Bellingham. 

Renegade Craft this past summer was full of new faces and new friends to make. We found ourselves meeting the people behind Apartment on Belmont and loving their product even more. And we brought home many more handmade items that we continue to fall in love with. 

And experiences! There were so many fun ones that we could attribute to the blog! Steve would often ask me if I needed content and off he would search for something to do. It's been a great motivator. 

We spent a magical night in the trees at Treehouse Point in which it magically snowed. We hope to be able to take the girls back at some point to experience it. 

 We ate our way thru the Night Market in Richmond, BC. We were overwhelmed by the variety of food and hope to go back during another time of year (it's open May-October).

 We were ably guided by Kristi of Moondance Kayak on a daytime kayak trip exploring the gorgeous waters of the area. And we took another trip with Moondance at night to experience a trip thru waters that were illuminated by bioluminescence. A truly magical night.

 Steve and I spent a restful couple of hours soaking in the float tanks at Still Life Massage and Float and hope to make it a part of our routine in the New Year. It's an incredible way to treat stress and anxiety. 

And words escape me when trying to describe the experience of the Infinity Rooms of Yayoi Kusama at the Seattle Art Museum. It was by turns lighthearted, deep, and incredibly meaningful. Experiencing it with close friends made it even that much better. 

We expect the New Year to hold even more adventure, hopefully travel and more friends. This blog has become what I had hoped, a place to talk, share and hopefully encourage. Please come along for the ride and let's see what 2018 holds! 

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