Monday, January 8, 2018

Deep Thoughts: Steps to Self Care

So we are into the beginning of the New Year. Are you a keeper of resolutions? Are you feeling the need for change? Or are you someone that feels they would go off by the wayside to quickly to bother? 

I'm a bit in-between. I like to resolve to make small changes to make my life a bit better going forward. I feel like if I make small changes they will amount to bigger changes as time go on. So these are a bit of the changes to start and we'll see where they take me. 

1. Exercise  This is something I would have scoffed in the past. I truly would have. But I have found that the best way to deal with my emotional life is in a physical way. If I can get two (working on three!) workouts in a week I feel so much better. And since we are entering into the grey winter my emotional state is something I really need to work on! Depression is something that can rear it's ugly head this time of year and this is just the thing to help combat it. 

2. Introspection  A little journaling helps me to really sit down and take a moment to focus on my life and where I am now. And guided journaling seems to help with focus. I have had these two journals for some time and this year a friend and I have challenged one another to work on 52 Lists of Happiness and then compare notes weekly. I seem to work best if I have an accountability partner so this is working out well. And talking through the topics will help us dig even deeper. This is something I am really looking forward to this year. These books are by Moorea Seal and can be found online here, or in her Seattle store. 

3. Connect & Disconnect This sounds like a contradiction but it truly isn't. I find when I am feeling a bit depressed I pull away from friends. And getting together with others is usually just the thing I need to contract the blues. 

What doesn't help is social media. This is where the disconnect needs to happen. I am working on having electronic free Sundays. It feels like a baby step but I think it will make a big difference in how I feel.

4. Read  One thing I have a lot more time for when I put down my phone is reading. I love reading and spending time lost in a book. Our library is one of my favorite places, and I find myself using the online program all the time. This combined with the goodreads app and I am a happy camper. I have made a goal this year to read 100 books and hope to do that and maybe more. 

5. Good eating My family loves to eat. We find ourselves talking about the next meal when we have finished a meal. And when we vacation a big part of planning is researching new places to eat. That said we know we feel better when we eat better. More veggies, lots of water drinking, and organic when we can. I won't say we are going to diet, just hopefully make some better choices. 

6. Body care   I'm hoping with all the free time on Sundays (due to no distractions from electronics!) I will have time to create some spa like evenings. I have a good stash of face mask and my favorite herbivore botanicals coconut milk bath all of which equals happiness. My hope is this will send me into a new week with a good attitude ready to face the week and ready to create even more good routines. 

Are you creating new routines in the new year? I would love to hear if you have any ideas or steps you are taking to make life better for yourself! 

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