Monday, January 15, 2018

Deep Thoughts: Working on Balance...again

Are you like me where you wake up and find yourself reaching for your phone and looking at instagram or facebook before anything else? And like me have you wondered at how this is serving you but kept doing it in a mindless manner because it just happens? 

Though I have said that I don't really make resolutions, thru my work on my '52 Lists for Happiness' book I finally started to question myself and make a change. I still reach for my phone as it has my alarm, but I now pull up my pandora account and search for a playlist to start my day. It seems to help me as I can have a problem with wanting to be someone else/somewhere else. 

This doesn't mean I am swearing off either of those sites! Far from it. I'm just trying to be intentional about where and when. I'm trying to not be on my computer when Steve gets home from work so that I'm not distracted when he is ready to connect. There is plenty of time for me to look at that stuff later! 

Another thing I am hoping to need to buy a latte...every, single day. It's nice when it's a treat. It's another thing when I think I need to buy one every day. I own a perfectly good machine at home, just waiting for me to use it. And it would be great to save that $5 up for something of use! Or to at least wait to spend it when I can sit down and really enjoy it. Preferably with a friend. And an extra long chat. 

I know these are small things, but they can really trip me up. Are you working on any small steps these days to get things back under control? Do you have any tricks to making things go smoother for you? I would love any hints! 

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