Monday, July 24, 2017

Field Trip: Renegade Craft Fair Summer Show

Samantha and I headed out this past Saturday to attend another Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle. We have attended this show many times in the past, but there is always something new and different to discover and this time was no different. 

Thankfully there were some things that were the same, including getting the chance to see some of our favorite people. Moorea had a booth there with her self named store, Moorea Seal and we got the chance to catch up with her along with our favorite member of her store, Sarah. They are kind, down to earth and incredible fun! There is something special when you find a place where you find treasures and friends. 

Something else that we credit Moorea with is bringing new talent to our attention. And someone the I have been excited about ever since she brought the line into her store is Back Beat Rags. They are a lifestyle brand run by Isadora Alvarez that has an easy vibe, and a reachable price point. And the cool thing about these shows is you can buy directly from the creator. I had my eye on a black cropped organic jumpsuit and found it to be perfect! It's comfortable, easy and frankly I feel like I'm wearing pajamas, but look much smarter than that! Isadora was warm, cool and it makes the clothing that much more meaningful buying directly from her. I'm looking forward to this being the first of many pieces from her. 

A line that Sam was excited to see in person was Woll Jewelry, a line of jewelry by Elizabeth Woll. We were enamored with the fun, colorful fruit earrings and made the decision to "share" a pair of large orange earrings. Meeting Elizabeth and chatting with her while choosing the earrings gives them a fun background. And they are gorgeous statement pieces that we will be sure to fighting over for the rest of summer! 

Something else we did while we were at the show was have our photo taken. But it wasn't just any photo. It was taken with an Aura camera by Auragami. I'm not a super serious person when it comes to having my aura read, but it was fun to have our relationship aura talked about and find we both reflected our favorite colors! (Sam orange, I reflected green) The combination of orange, green and overall blue told of a strong relationship that has a strong friendship base, and we were capable of creating great things together! It was a fun sitting that I hold similar to taking a personality quiz. And having a cool photo of this place in time with Samantha is a special keepsake. 

Another line that I was looking forward to seeing in person was Apartment on Belmont. I became aware of them from instagram some time ago and have watched them growing their beautiful brand from afar. So it was again a wonderful thing to get to meet them in person and talked to them about their story, a bit of their influences, and other random things. Michael Doyle and Samantha Wagner (pictured) are funny, kind and as seen by their gorgeous line, incredibly talented. We came knowing we would love their cards and prints, and left being charmed by the people behind the brand. (and I'm hoping to get Samantha up to Bellingham for a visit soon!) 

And I guess that is the real draw for us in going to the shows. Meeting creatives gives me so much faith in the world. The ones that we have been drawn to have been generous, funny and open to meeting their customers. It makes me much more mindful of my choices with money when I think about the people behind the things I buy. I am more careful with these things. And every time I wear the overalls, or mail the post card I am reminded of the work that went into them. And it makes me feel braver in what I am trying to do. And more outgoing. It's some kind of magic! Do you have any kind of makers that you are excited about? I love finding out about small brands! 

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