Monday, July 31, 2017

Deep Thoughts: Thoughts from a former Coach Potato

At just over a year ago I joined a gym. Something in a million years I never thought I would do. There were several reasons I did it.  The gift from my co-workers of a 6 week season in a program called "The Little Black Dress" at Lab Athletics. The knowledge that I would have a group doing it with me, and needing to try something new for my health. It was the perfect kick start I needed. 

Now I'm a year out and there are reasons I still go, and ways I motivate myself when I'm there. 

It has changed my mind set. When I go now I tell myself that I can try any of the exercises (the other day I found myself flipping a truck tire!). In the past I would have had a voice in my head telling myself I can't do it, that I shouldn't even try. Now I have a resolve that I have built after trying and succeeding, that tells me to just try.

It has given me a self discipline. I attend a 5:30 am bootcamp class three times a week. My friends that I started at the club with now either don't go there anymore or attend at different times. I find that if I don't go at the start of the day it just won't happen. So I put my clothes out the night before, blearily get up early in the morning, and head in. 

It's help me deal with things one step at a time. When a circuit is explained at the beginning of a bootcamp workout I find it works best for me to just worry about one exercise at a time! If I worry about them all, I get overwhelmed and that negative voice comes back. But if I break it down one at a time I get thru it. This way of thinking has bled over into my life and helped me tackle other obstacles. 

Sweating out the toxins. There is something that feels so great about getting a good sweat going. It's not pretty and the red face goes on for hours! But I feel so much better after a workout. When I haven't been eating well, it feels like getting it out of my system! It feels like the best detox ever! 

It's as much for my mind as my body. It helps me work out tension, frustration, and those hormones that come with age. I love throwing around the medicine ball. and love the feeling of getting thru a hard workout. I can't say I will ever love running. But there is something so fun, especially at my age to come home and tell my husband that I have flipped tires, or done twenty sit ups in a row, or handled the ropes for a certain amount of time. 

This gym experience has been a reminder to surround myself with like minded people. The trainers and the people I workout with at the gym are so supportive and warm. I find that being with people with a good attitude (especially at 5:30am!) is hugely helpful! Which of course is great in one's personal life as well. Having others cheer you on and working along side you is the best thing ever. 

 Yes, I have had some trouble with motivation recently. But all those things I have listed have brought me back. Getting my self discipline back. Remembering how good I feel after, and being surrounded by the that are also working on their goals. 

Do you have anything that you do to keep you mind and body in shape? What are your tricks or ways you motivate yourself? Please share! 


  1. Tammy thanks for sharring your journey and inspiring others! you are awesome :) - Jake

    1. Thank you Jake for creating a place that makes so many people feel so welcome and encouraged!