Monday, March 6, 2017

Field Trip: Treehouse Point

Recently Steve and I made a lifetime dream happen. We have heard of a lot of unfortunate events near us that made us realize that the time is now to make things happen. And something we had been thinking of doing for some time is visiting Treehouse Point. Who wouldn't love sleeping in a treehouse? And that they are available as near as Fall City what were we waiting for? 

Fountain and signage for treehouse

The minute you drive onto the property you feel transported. The grounds are gorgeous and a bit wild, with a centerpiece of a fountain. You can see a treehouse or two right when you pull in. And the lodge is welcoming. Steve was happy to find it was a source of homemade cookies and other snacks! They also have a small merchandise area in case you need something to commemorate your stay. 

Lodge interior 

The greeting is low key and welcoming. We were told how the gate works (apparently they had to install one and create a tour program to help balance those that were curious about the treehouses with privacy of those that are staying in them. Everything is secured with codes which makes it really easy to get around and into your treehouse. 

Bonbibi at first sight 

And then it's on to your treehouse for the night! We had secured Bonbibi for the night and were happy to find it's in a fairly quiet area on the property. It does not have it's own bathroom but there are two full bathrooms at the base of it with heated floors and showers! 

The magical grounds in the evening

The grounds and the treehouses have wonderful lighting with some on motion sensors or timers. It makes for a quietly relaxing environment. Nothing takes very much thought and it feels like you are in Narnia, or the setting for the Hobbit. 

The lovely provisions provided 

The rooms have most things you could think of provided. All you have to bring is basically warm clothes and plan for your meals, besides the breakfast they provide. There are games, gorgeous flowers, and ice chests if you would like the use of them. 

The view from the bed

When we moved in we opened a window, threw the big woolly blanket that we brought, and threw ourselves on the bed to just take it in. I think the window stayed open the whole time we were there (the treehouses are fully heated) so that we could listen to the river and the wind. Steve just relaxed while I took a little snooze. Being in this sweet little space was a bit like being on a boat. Listening to it rain and just hanging out was enough. The last time we were able to hang out together like this had been ages. I don't remember being so relaxed. 

Playing cards into the night

Aside from leaving for a bit for dinner at the nearby Fall City Roadhouse (that just happened to be used in Twin Peaks!) we were back to just hang out. We ended up playing games until late and enjoying the sound of the wind and rain in the trees. We were able to keep a window open all night and were still toasty warm with the heat. We woke to the magic of snow falling which made the visit complete for Steve. 

Until next time...
They serve a wonderful breakfast at the Lodge where there are so many options, vegetarian and otherwise. The staff helps break the ice by joining in with coffee and encouraging everyone to visit one another's treehouses, though we were with a shy group and no one took us up on it! (we were hoping to get a glimpse into Temple of The Blue Moon!) It was suggested by one of the staff that people tended to mix a bit more in the summer around the fire pit that they provide (along with s'more fixings!) and tend to keep to themselves a bit more in the winter months. No matter, we were so happy with our time in the trees. Let me know if you end up heading there yourself! 

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