Monday, February 27, 2017

Field Trip: Mister Ice Cream in Vancouver, Canada

Mister signage 

Last weekend we capped off our day trip to Vancouver with a visit to a place I have always wanted to try. Mister in Vancouver is an ice cream shop, but one with a twist. They make your ice cream to order...with liquid nitrogen. 

The process

You end up with a creamy delicious treat and a bit of a show to boot! Steve chose Double Oreo, Sam a Creme Brûlée with lavender, and I ordered a Thai Tea flavor. Because Sam's was a creme brûlée they even finished it off with a sugar crust and a torching! Even more of a show. 

Our trio of flavors

One of my favorite things about getting out and about and trying new things is getting inspired. This was certainly inspiring. Steve is wondering about bringing some liquid nitrogen home and seeing if we could make some magic of our own! I'll let you know if we make something happen! 

Steve with his treat

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