Monday, February 20, 2017

Field Trip: Day Trip to Vancouver

Colorful storefronts

Like a few of you out there, I have been suffering with a head cold. It's been dragging along for a while now. And along with this I have a bad case of cabin fever. While waiting out the sickness to get better we decided to tackle the cabin fever with a quick day trip to Vancouver Canada. 

Cookie choices

We like to explore a place with loose agenda then see where things take us. We started with the idea that we would explore the Chinatown neighborhood as it's one we haven't checked out yet. Once we picked an area Samantha did some quick research and found a starting place. 

Creme brûlée and cookies

Crackle Creme is the sweetest little place for treats. Do you like creme brûlée? They do a variety of small batch flavors. Would you prefer a liege waffle? They have those too! Or hot chocolates, espressos. Or what Samantha was really excited about...these amazing cookies! They had such a variety it was hard to choose. But knowing we would be spending most of our day eating we split a creme brûlée, a waffle and some cookies between us. A perfect, sweet start to the day! 

A variety shop

Then we were off exploring. We walked the blocks around the area and just being tourists. We wandered the stores and spent some time in a tea shop sampling some teas and settling on a few to bring home. We took in the color and sights. And we just appreciated being in a different city for the day. 

Sam and I 
There is something about being in a big city. The energy, the color, the differences. We love just wandering around and taking things in. And of course the food! 

Joe Pizza 

Then you know it was time for a snack again so we thought pizza by the slice would be perfect! We found Joe Pizza and settled in for a quick pizza by the slice break. A slice of margherita and one of parma later and we were good to go for more adventures! 

Community Thrift Frock Shoppe

Then it was off to our other favorite activity...thrifting. We found Community Thrift in nearby Gastown. They have two stores and both were amazing. Sam found the Vintage Frock Shoppe to be right up her alley and came out with a few things. I found the Unisex shop to be more my speed...lots of t-shirts, army shirts, and the like. Both are well curated and fun shopping experiences! 


Then, it was time to eat again! Back again to Chinatown to a place we had spotted earlier, Fat Mao for some noodles. We each ordered a different dish, the passed the plates to share! This little restaurant was so good! Each noodle dish was incredibly different in flavor. And it turns out they are one of three restaurants started by the same chef. Now we have a starting point for another trip! We can't wait to try Freebird Chicken! I'll be sure to tell you all about it when we go! Been on an adventure of your own recently? Battling cabin fever? Tell me how you manage it! 


  1. I loved this post and now I want to go back and visit all of these places! What fun! ❤

    1. It's so fun to get out of town and play! And next time I think we will look for more thrift stores! :)