Monday, February 6, 2017

On My Radar: Valentine's Day Prep

Are you one to celebrate Valentine's day? I have to admit I'm a believer. I don't know if it was the thrill of the possibility of a secret admirer that little Valentine box held in elementary school and it has held all these years. Maybe it's because once I actually did receive a Valentine from a secret admirer...from then on I was hooked. On the romance, the possibility, the fun of it all! 

Valentine's waiting to go out 

These days my Valentine dreams center around our girls, my husband and my friends. Letting them know how much I love and value them. Surprising them with a card, a treat, or a note telling them how much they mean to me. Sometimes we need a prompt to remember to let people know how much they mean to us. This one is mine! 

My Valentine 

And any celebration is either treats and fun at breakfast or a dinner with a special dessert. We love spending the time with the girls, talking about their perceptions of romance, and our changing ideas around it. We are pretty low key these days, though we have a get away later this month that I'm pretty excited about (I'll share about it here, I promise!) 

Vintage Valentines

Every Valentine's Day calls for some kind of special treat. This year I am especially excited about it! We have ordered a cake from my friend Nancy of Saltadena. And if you are in the Bellingham area you can get your hands on one of these beauties too! 

They are 3", three-layer mini cakes for two with the cutest theme..."We Go Together Like..."

Saltadena's Valentine Cakes 

The flavors are (left to right) Salt & Pepper, PB & J, and Chocolate & Hazelnut. (we picked out Salt & Pepper if you are curious!) They are $15 each, come boxed with a cute ribbon and customizable tag and pre-orders can be picked up at Spruce between 4-7 on Valentine's Day. Just e-mail Nancy at the address found here before February 10th! And maybe I'll run into you at Spruce picking up our cakes! 

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