Monday, March 13, 2017

Make It: Denim Embroidery DIY


Every once in a while I get the itch to personalize my clothing. My daughter Samantha has been using embroidery to add a touch of fun to a bunch of different outfits and once I saw the above photo in an e-mail I knew I wanted to try my hand at it! Using google image search I was able to find where the photo came from. It happened to be from a DIY from Honestly WTF which was really helpful! 

Gathering supplies 

I bought the jeans at the Gap and being somewhat on the short side I had no problem with cutting off the hem. I just did a bit of a freehand and thankfully it turned out even! I have teased that my daughter is somewhat of an impatient crafter and I think that may apply to me as well! 

Getting started 

Samantha had all the supplies I could need. I did a small tracing of the lettering with a white pencil I had to give me a guideline. And then I just went for it. I tried using a chain stitch which is well illustrated in the Honestly WTF link. Once you start it's a pretty easy stich to master. 

Almost finished 

Once started things moved along quickly and I think I was done in about 20 minutes! I was pretty happy to have made a regular pair of jeans into something a bit special. 

The finished product

The ease of doing this has me dreaming of tackling a bunch of other projects! I'm thinking t-shirts or sweatshirts will be next. Studio DIY has another great guide with pointers on how to set up a template when I get to those! Do you see yourself trying anything like this? 


  1. So cute! Love how this turned out!

    1. Thank you so much! I couldn't believe how easy it was once I finally got started!

  2. Really Fun Tammy, looking forward to seeing your t-shirts!!