Monday, June 5, 2017

Field Trip: Moondance Sea Kayak Adventures

For my birthday Steve gave me the gift of a half-day trip out with Moondance Sea Kayak Adventures! We had decided some time ago that experiences rather than things were the way to go these days as far as gifts go. And he is all about helping me find content for the blog! (it appears to be a win-win for us both!) It was a perfect outing on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend for Steve, Sam and I and the weather was glorious which was a definite plus. 

I met the owner of Moondance thru our mutual friend Morgan Henry of Momad Productions. Kristi Kucera recently did one of the Morning Jam talks, giving us all an overview of Seaweed Foraging which you can hear if you find the link here. Seaweed Foraging is another kayaking trip you can take with her company if you choose.  She's an easygoing, calm, and funny person who mixed well with us and the two other couples during our introduction to the kayaks, equipment and the overview of our day. 

I have been in a kayak maybe twice since living here, which is really a crime as we are surrounded by water. Having someone run us thru the basics, and take us out on a tour was really a great way to get a comfort level around a really great outdoor activity. I was a bit nervous, but Kristi made it easy and we all felt there was little to worry about. 

We all figured out how to get ready, putting on our pfd's, the spray skirts, and stashing our gear in waterproof bags. Once we figured out how to get in and out of the kayaks without tipping them, then how to use the paddles we were on the move. 

Leaving from the beach at Wildcat Cove, we followed the coast toward Bellingham so that we could check out the coastline and look for wildlife, plants and see what there is to see. There is something serene about being on the water in that way...once the three of us got ourselves together. There is a some coordination when you have three to a boat! Then we headed to the beach on Chuckanut Island and took a little walk around checking out the views, the tide pools, and stretching our legs. 

Then it was back to the water. It was an easy paddle back to Wildcat Cove now that we were a bit more coordinated. Our half day adventure was over so quickly, we think we could easily do a longer trip! A trip we are considering booking now for later in the summer is the Bioluminescence and Sunset one! This gift was a perfect adventure that I hope will lead to more! 


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