Monday, June 12, 2017

Deep Thoughts: An Emptying Nest

There's something new in my life that I have been working around. Our firstborn moved out on Mother's Day weekend and ever since life has been a bit bittersweet. We are very happy for her and her situation. Happy that she is moving forward in her life and moved out with her boyfriend who is wonderful. She is only minutes away so we can see her. 

And yet, she's gone. there is a room with a plant and a mirror in it. There is a table for four, that now seats three. There is one less daughter to bug when things are quiet, or I need a vote on my outfit. 

So, things have been bittersweet. And we knew this was coming. So we have been filling the time with more dates, with getting outside. With hobbies and market walks and reading. 

And the good? Watching our girls get together outside of us. This past Saturday Kate and her boyfriend Nick took Samantha to Seattle Meowtropolitan, Seattle's first Cat cafe. They took her to lunch and took care of everything. This is the amazing part! Watching your girls decide to hang out together and enjoy one another is what we have always hoped for! 

Kate has also reached that stage that we had always heard would come. She thanks us for the things we have taught her. She ask us questions and now actually listens to the answers. This is the good stuff! 

So, how do you get thru this new stage? Leading up to it make sure you make time for your family. Know how fleeting your time with your kids is. And when they are ready? Let them go. And allow yourself time to feel sad about it. Make sure that it doesn't get out of hand and take care of yourself and get out there doing things that make you happy. This new stage will become your new norm. And it will be good. I promise. 

Anyone else been there? Or contending with this themselves? Tell me if you have any tips to share!