Monday, January 16, 2017

Field Trip: Still Life Massage and Float

This past Friday my husband and I had yet another date and we also had float appointments at Sill Life Massage and Float. We had been talking about trying a float out for some time, but in the interest of continuing to fight the winter blues we decided now was the time. 

Still Life looking out over the Marina

We have been curious about float therapy for some time but had never tried it. With the weather being so incredibly cold lately the idea of being in a tank of skin temperature water that is filled with 1200 pounds of epson salts sounded like heaven! We were given a short tour and told what to expect, then led to our side by side rooms. 

Time to prepare! 

Once you are left in your room music starts and you ready yourself by taking a shower. You are preparing yourself much like you would to go in a pool, though this time you are without a swimsuit. Next, you let yourself into the pod. 

About to enter the pod! 

Once you enter the pod you almost immediately feel the effects of the 1200 pounds of epsom salts in the water! My feet were floating immediately, while I learned later that Steve's didn't. The problem he said was stress...he had to relax into it. Meanwhile you can choose to close the door to the pod which we both chose to do. The pool is so roomy I found there was no feeling of claustrophobia at all. There is also a light that you can choose to leave on, or put in a mode where it runs thru colors (where you can stop at one you prefer) or turn it off. Surprising myself, I went for darkness. Music played for a while which I could hear even with my ears under water, then complete quiet. 

The Pod

Absolute quiet is such an usual state these days that it can almost make you anxious at the start. Then after some deep breathing and concentrating on my heartbeat I found myself relaxing into it. And thats when some of the crazy adventures began. Steve said he felt like he was visualizing space, and then dementors! (we've been having a Harry Potter movie marathon!) I found myself feeling like I was tumbling over and over forward, though in reality I was bumping a bit side to side. Having the time to just be still, quiet and have no input really gives your mind time to just run or rest. And I think we found ours did a little of both. Eventually music returns and it's time to come back to the real world. A rinse in the shower, and you find that your skin is silky and not pruned at all! 

Steve post-float
It took Steve some time to articulate how he felt after the float. The warmth from it lasted thru the rest of the day. We both felt like we were returning to gravity and would feel the weight of earth returning bit by bit. We are both hoping to return as soon as possible! Both for the benefit of our bodies and our minds! 

(An hour float cost $65 and was worth every penny! They have many options as far as massage as well in a lovely, relaxing environment.)


  1. Next time I'm up for a visit this is on the list! It sounds amazing!

  2. I'm so glad you had fun! I love your crazy adventures!

    1. Thank you friend! We are trying our best to fight the Winter far so good!