Monday, January 9, 2017

Field Trip: A "Bellingham" Date

Late last week my husband told me he would like to take me out this weekend on a "Bellingham" date. I agreed then wondered what that meant. Would we be getting tattoos? Piercings? Doing a beer crawl? Going to a pot shop? 

Steve and I on our first Uber ride!

Turns out he had something a bit more tame, but so much fun in mind! He remembered that I had mentioned that I had never been in an uber, and as he hadn't either he decided to start there...especially as this date involved some day drinking! 

The Horseshoe Cafe 

Turns out a "Bellingham" date means pretend you are in college again, hit an old and new bar, have a couple of drinks, then go to a movie! An uber picked us up at 2pm then dropped us outside of The Horseshoe Cafe, a watering hole that has been in town forever! I used to go there in the wee hours of the night for french fries after parties when I went to Western. Steve having never been was curious. And unknown to both of us was the history of the place. It's the oldest continually operating cafe and cocktail lounge in Washington! 

Loaded tater tots! 

What we now know is they serve a good strong drink and bomb tater tots! We ordered some food and drink and enjoyed watching the table of true college kids in their jammies eat and leave to get ready to start all over again while we enjoyed feeling like we were on vacation. There is something that feels so decadent and fun about drinking in the daytime! 

At Bayou by the Bay

I was told we had some time before our next scheduled activity so we wandered around downtown then headed into the bar at Bayou by the Bay for one more drink. This bar has the perfect vantage point for watching people go by. It feels similar to Pioneer Square in that way. And though it's been crazy cold, lots of people were out and about Saturday. It felt great to be part of the downtown scene!

The Pickford Film Center

The finale to our date turned out to be a fun matinee showing of The Princess Bride at our favorite theater in town, The Pickford Film Center! We love our independent movie theater, and who doesn't love The Princess Bride. I thought Steve may repeat some of his favorite quotes as we both were feeling our drinks, but he abstained! And it was a really fun crowd. 

It was a wonderful, thoughtful date where we explored a bunch of local places we have talked about going to forever. And we did it in a safe, responsible way that felt super relaxed and carefree! Is there a place in your hometown that you are thinking of visiting? Or is there a place in Bellingham that we should check out? Let me know! 


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    1. I am Diego Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die! :)

  2. So much fun! I love this! For our first solo date since Juni was born we went antiquing at a local "historic" strip mall & then had burgers at another "historic" spot. Supporting local business & feeling kinda like a tourist in your own town. Yay!

    1. Your date sounds awesome! Touristing in our town is becoming a favorite thing...there are so many places to discover!

  3. Still lots to explore in Bellingham. Be ready for another one.