Monday, September 25, 2017

Deep Thoughts: Let's Stay Together

This month Steve and I are celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary. We've had people ask us what we've learned from being together that long and while I keep trying to come up with some big, introspective and smart sounding answers it's really the simple things that have worked for us. 

1. Show gratitude.  Steve really responds to this one! I'm joking around a bit, but everyone likes to hear "thank you" don't they? This is something we figured out about the time we started trying to teach our daughters manners and realized we weren't really thanking one another like we should. And now we try to notice when the other goes out of their way for us. 

2. Treat each other like you would a friend. This one was really a lesson for me. I think it came up in a group of friends and we all realized that we treated one another better than we did our husbands some of the time. So, it became a goal to treat Steve the way I should. Like my best friend. Because he is. Most of the time.

3. Surprise one another.  For a while we had a good streak going where we would take turns planning dates. The great part of this was while it was fun surprising one another we also got a bit competitive which led to some really fun outings! 

4. Make room to be surprised by one another. By this I mean don't think you know one another completely. Even after being married all this time Steve can have a reaction or an thought about something that completely surprises me. I think it's good to not think you have one another all figured out. I think this is like not talking over one another. Take a step back and really look at each other...and you know, be amazed. You picked a good one!

5. Miss each other.  We take trips without one another. Some people don't but we think it's okay. And I don't think it's for everyone. But I think it's healthy to at least have time apart so you remember why you like that other person in the first place. Take a morning for some time alone at a coffee shop. Make sure to make time for friends. Then it feels nice to reunite too! 

These are just some of the small things that we have found work for us to keep things going. Some days our marriage feels brand new, and some days not so much. But I realize every day that I chose this guy so I better do things to make this relationship work! 

Please tell me what things you have learned from relationships. We are always happy to get more tips! Please share what you know! 


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    1. Number 4 has been a new one for me to learn! I can't believe that we don't know each other inside and out...but it's refreshing! Thank you for posting Emma!

  2. I agree with these! Good to know I'm on the right track early on. ��❤

    1. I'm sure you have so much of this figured out already! :)