Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Traditions

Do you have any summer traditions? Last night we took part in one of ours to kick off our summer…the Drive In! 

We go to one that my husband has gone to ever since he was little, The Blue Fox Drive In in Oak Harbor, Wa. It's family run, has all the entertainment you could ever want, and is the epitome of summer. And frankly it's the reason this post is late today, as we didn't get home until the early hours of this morning! It takes some work to get ready, but in our eyes it's so worth it! 

Going to the Drive In means summer to both my husband and I, and we turned it into a tradition with our girls. I remember being a kid and getting to go to the movies in my jammies, run around and play on a swing set right under the screen, and trying to fall asleep while my parents watched the sure to be a bit scandalous second feature! 

We took our first born to the drive in when she was a baby to one that used to be in our town. I was so ripped up about them closing it, I may have had my husband go by and grab a couple of the letters from the signage that was scattered and forgotten in the sale. 

Steve and others that have been going to the Blue Fox say that at one point they had to chase cows out of the area to enjoy a quiet and cow free movie! Last night we saw shooting stars and an owl fly over. It's sometimes (most of the time) not about the movie at all, but the experience. 

What says summer to you? Making lemonade? Picking berries? Swimming in lakes? Do you make it a priority to do these things, big or small? 

I hope to see you out there, making the most of the season!


  1. Summer to me is long days at the beach and fun road trips! It's always nice to see families carrying on with their traditions!


    Tamara -

    1. Oh, road trips are the best! The stories and memories (good & bad!) last forever!

  2. The blue fox is so much more fun than the one that was in Bellingham! Having said that, Terry and I had one of our first dates at the one in bham in the volks camper van and with Chinese food from next door! My summer cues are the smell of basil and strawberries, and the sounds of flip flops and the screen door slamming!

    1. I love your memories from the Bellingham Drive In! And I really love your summer cues…especially with your gorgeous garden!