Monday, May 23, 2016

I think I'm not a Capsule Wardrobe Girl...

                                                         (Buffalo Exchange finds)

This may sound really crazy, but I think I may not be a capsule wardrobe girl. Now please don't freak out. I'm not against the movement. I just think I can't fully adhere to it. 

If I am making an investment in a piece of clothing I want that bad boy to work for me year round. And living in the PNW we are faced with a pretty temperate climate where a tee-shirt can be worn Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall. I buy a pair of jeans you will see me on those jeans all. The. Time. I'm not exaggerating here! 

Some of my best outfits are the crazy ones that are using items that one would expect don't go together. What's better than a plaid shirt warn with a tank? Or a big sweater worn with with gladiator sandals? I think the surprise of the mix is where the magic is. 
(A favorite thrift store find)

What I do like is the idea of making smart choices and making them count. What I do like is making a change away from fast fashion, and buying from companies that make a difference. I do like shopping second hand and consignment and will always love the thrill of the find. 

What has made the biggest impact on really being mindful of my clothing choices? First, the movie True Cost. After a viewing there was nothing to do but make a change. And two helpful blogs that have been great for conversations, guidance and inspiration are Un-Fancy and Truncation. Both reasonable and really helpful. 

So, maybe I'm a kinda sorta capsule wardrobe girl. It's made a huge impact on my way of thinking about my closet. Though I will never be able to resist the allure of a teddy bear coat or a crazy shirt that goes with nothing else I own! I'll get there someday! 


  1. I love consignment finds and feel like I am recycling and keeping stuff out of the garbage loop. I like the idea of paring down but think I would get bored buying from one "collection" all the time. I love your style so whatever you are doing works lady!

    1. Consignment shopping is great for that! I also feel like I'm not wearing what everyone else is wearing! I'm trying to pare down…it's just a very slow process! And thank you for the compliment!

  2. Do you thrift at anywhere special? Or is it a secret? ;P

    1. No secrets here! :) My girls and I love our local Value Village…it's clean, well layer out and the employees are really nice. Steve and I love to hit up Revivals and Angel View any time we are lucky enough to be in Palm Springs. And we are truly open to looking anywhere…you never know where the next lucky find will be!