Monday, May 2, 2016

Thoughts from the Road

When I agreed to go on a trip with my Mom and my two teenage daughters I thought I was signing up for a road trip, some sun, and maybe a few revelations. What I didn't realize was how much I would figure out about myself.

I didn't realize that I would be led to set a boundary or two. I am not one that loves conflict, especially with my mother. But when it came to letting everyone know where I stand on things…it had to be done. It's not easy, but necessary. 

I found that I have a high tolerance for a long day on the road. We had some huge days with a lot of miles and I found it wasn't horrible. Being out on the road was such a rush after being home. And when I say it was a rush, it was probably due to the high speed limits! 

Another revelation? Our girls are amazing travelers. They are easy going, can go long distances, and are up for most anything. 

The last thing? I'm so much happier these days just taking photos as a souvenirs. At one time I spent so much time and money looking for the perfect thing to take home. Now that perfect thing is right in my phone. In the candid captures. In the funny shots of food and funky side stops. I guess there was a time and place for my snow globes. I just think of all the money I could have saved just having a few photos developed and thrown in some inexpensive frames…and re-lived the vacation over and over again. 

Travel is good for the soul. I knew this, but actually being on the road was a huge reminder. Being out in the wide open spaces of Nevada & Utah after living in the mountains of home was wonderful. And the heat…oh the heat! Being warm to the core was magical! 

This past trip has me dreaming of our next trip. I'm ready to find out what else I can about myself. Have you learned anything about yourself, good or bad while traveling? 

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