Monday, June 4, 2018

On My Rader: A Modern Take on Class Jewelry by GLDN

During this year a lot of information came home with regards to graduation. When the packet came home with all the deets for Sam's graduation gown and cap it also came with an order form for class rings. Sam was not impressed with what was on offer, though we both thought it would be nice to have a piece of jewelry to mark the occasion. 

During a conversation with my lovely friend Emma that works at GLDN we both realized that there were pieces they offer that would be perfect as a modern take on class jewelry. Rings and necklaces that you would want to wear everyday rather than just bring out for reunions. We found there were quite a few pieces that would lend themselves perfectly to commemorate ones graduation while still be modern enough to wear every day. 

So GLDN kindly gifted Sam with a couple of pieces which I thought I would share here! She is so excited she hasn't taken them off since she opened the box! The first piece she chose was the Personalized Memoire Ring. She is able to have a subtle piece that celebrates her graduation that she can wear anytime. And if her reaction to it is any indication she will be wearing it daily!

The next piece Sam chose was the Personalized Marseille Pendant Necklace. This time she decided to have 2018 set in Roman numerals and it turned out so beautifully. My photo doesn't do it justice. Again, it's one that she can wear anytime and feel cool. And I like that these pieces feel like the start of a jewelry wardrobe. Pieces that you can collect over time and wear forever. 

A friend overheard our planning and decided to order a couple of pieces for her daughter. She also chose the Personalized Memoire Ring but decided to do it in a different finish, font, and use Roman numerals. I love that while they are both subtle they have a very personal feel to both. (Again my photo doesn't do this ring justice!)

My friend ordered a second piece for her daughter as well. We were talking about all the feelings we are having about our girls leaving for college and she decided she wanted a piece that would remind her daughter that she was always with her. So she decided on the Mila Disk Bracelet with a simple heart design.

Sam is considering the Kissy Face Friendship Set as a graduation gift for a friend that she will be away from when she leaves for college. It would be a modern and cool update on the "best friends" necklace from junior high!

This idea turned out even better than I could imagine. Everything is made in La Conner by hand and all the pieces come on a card signed by the maker. And the fun part? GLDN has extended an offer of $5 off any order (expires July 1st). Just include the promo code GRAD2018. Let me know if you decide to try them! 



  1. Such a lovely post! So happy we were able to work together on this! <3 Also, congrats to Sam!
    xx Emma

    1. Thank you so much Emma! Sam is so happy with her pieces...yesterday she wore the ring all day, today is the necklace! Thank you for being so willing to collaborate on this! xo