Monday, June 18, 2018

Field Trip: Rage Industry

I don't know about you, but life has been a bit crazy for us over here! With Sam graduating, Kate moving back, Steve's family in town, a party to plan, and other things we have a lot going on. You are left with a pair of two completely stressed out people. It used to be that I could put on a sappy movie, cry my eyes out and feel better. This time around I wanted something a little more active that would really work out some of these feelings I have been either holding back, or that have been simmering right below the surface.

That's where Rage Industry comes in. Steve and I read about it some months ago, and were recently reminded of it when they did something similar on an episode of the Bachelorette. We figured this would be just the ticket for a fun date that would help us both work through some extreme emotions. We booked the Double Trouble service and headed down to Seattle for some fun! 

We were greeted by Leslie, the owner and found that they have been open about a year (since April 2017). She said that things have been going well, as we would imagine since there are so many things to be angry or frustrated about these days. We were shown the wall where you chose your items (we were allocated 36 for our scheduled time) and got down to business.

Steve and I each had a crate to fill and got down to business. We chose a mix of beer, wine and other items to break. I found a couple of heavy ashtrays (that were amazing to go after with a sledgehammer!) and we ended up adding a couple of large vases from a dollar pile that were very satisfying to smash. 

Before you head back to the room where you go crazy you are given safety gear and a locker to store your things. You are encouraged to make a playlist that you can synch to a waiting speaker that they thankfully set up for you since you are a bit goofy with all the gear. There is a wall of "weapons" that you can choose from that ranges from sledgehammers, golf clubs, bats and a crowbar. Once they start the timer you get to it!

There are a couple of surfaces available to "rage" on, including a stack of tires that you can use to stack items on or just go crazy on! It was crazy to see what broke easily, what would shatter allover the room, and how quickly the time went and how sweaty and spent we were in the time allotted. 

This is us straight after. Can you see the steam in my glasses? We are unhurt and feeling like we left it in the Rage room. I would say it was better for me at this time than a sad movie as far as working through some emotions. It was a great date for us at this stage in our marriage and I think it would be an incredible way to learn about someone early in a relationship! I may also send Steve back for some time there alone to just go crazy by himself when work stress is getting to him. And I can think of all sorts of occasions to give a give certificate from there. What do you think? Would you try it? 

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