Monday, May 28, 2018

Deep Thoughts: Being a Mother of Girls

We are fast approaching the graduation of our youngest daughter and it feels like a marker in our journey as parents. This part of our journey as their guides is over, and a new one begins.  Just like that they are practically adults and it's time to relate to them in a different way. We have grown along with them in ways I would have never predicted. I have been stretched. I have been tested and challenged. And it's all been incredibly worth it. 

Steve and I always knew we would like to have two kids. And that they were both girls was a bonus for me as I grew up with a sister. Sure they fight. Sure they drive each other crazy. But in the end they have each other and I can't think of a better gift. No one else can relate to the stories they can tell of growing up in our crazy household. No one else can commiserate about their parents trying to keep things equal but not always succeeding. 

And hopefully we have done well by these two women. And will continue to do so. Our relationship doesn't end, it just changes considerably. I love talking with them honestly about things I would discuss with my girlfriends and not having to censor myself. They are smart, they are honest and they are funny. We are proud of who they are and that they are ours. We are also proud that they are their own people who are learning to navigate in the world on their own. They are figuring things out and trying things on. 

 We are happy to release them to the world, knowing they always have a landing place with us. That they will never have to worry about being out there in the world alone. That family is where they started and where they end. We love these humans that we are proud to know and call ours. And we are excited to see where their adventures take them. This adventure is only beginning. For them and for us. 

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