Monday, March 26, 2018

Deep Thoughts: Seasonal Suffering

Spring is here, and yet I still feel like I'd rather be cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix. With the crazy weather here that moves between sun and freezing rain one can feel a little nutty and off kilter. Throw in a little seasonal affective disorder and things can get really stupid. I have a few ideas of how to combat the ugly feelings until ready to fully embrace spring and all the good things it holds. 

Eat Well: When I'm depressed I would love to just bury my head in a bag of potato chips. But that leaves me feeling even worse than before. Instead we try and be sure to eat fresh foods and as many veggies as possible. Favorites around here are buddha bowls...a mix of a grain, a protein, veggies and dressing. And a great grab and go breakfast are overnight oats...easy to change up to have many different flavor profiles. 

Schedule: Staying to a schedule helps me keep from just staying in my pajamas or sweats all day. My mom used to say do one chore and one fun thing a day and that seems to be pretty good advice. If I can accomplish something and have one fun thing to look forward to it keeps me moving forward. 

Self-care: I know the this word is getting overused, but it truly is important. And it looks different for everyone. A favorite for me is a bath in my most favorite coconut milk bath soak from Herbivore Botanicals. Reading or a movie are other ways I keep myself reasonably happy while I wait for my creative spark to return. 

Support: I feel so lucky to have friends and family that understand and support me when I'm blue. At work we have a happy light on all day. We also have a station of essential oils available for all that ails us. My husband is the best at just being there when I need him. He doesn't try to fix things, just runs the bath, makes the dinner, or gives the hugs. 

The last thing I do? Plan ahead. I know this is just something to go thru and that it will truly feel like Spring to me soon enough. Having things to look forward will help to get me there. Right now there is a visit to SAM on the calendar along with a visit to the new juice place in Bellingham and maybe a drink (or two) at the new tiki bar that has opened. 

I have decided to treat these blues as a downtime. A time of conserving energy before getting out there again. A quote that I have seen on pinterest says "There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long. So don't expect yourself to do so either." So, I don't beat myself up about them and I hope if you suffer with me that you don't. And that everyone watches out when we are operating at full power! 

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