Monday, April 9, 2018

Field Trip: McIntyre Family Farm

Thanks to Steve's new job at Scratch and Peck Feeds we are all getting an education into a whole new world.  We've always been interested in farms and where our food comes from. Now Steve has co-workers that own their own farms and lucky us, we get to visit! 

We were invited out to "lampapalooza" at McIntyre Family Farm by Steve's co-worker Matt & his wife Jena to see all the newborn lambs! I can't think of a better way to welcome spring.  Even better, it's helpful in battling the minor depression I am battling that seems to rear it's head this time of year. Family time & baby lambs here we come! 

We were allowed straight into the pen with their flock of icelandic sheep with all the babies! All the animals were very calm about us being in with them and around the baby lambs. 

With Matt's help and quick reflexes we were able to hold them too! They are the sweetest and just snuggle in! They were warm and sweet and hard to put down. 

The lamb that Sam is holding is only two days old! The mothers are very calm about allowing us to hold the babies. They hang around nearby but show very little distress. The funniest part is when Sam got down low with them all and the lambs started trying to chew on her coat and boots! 

Of course with Steve being a newbie to chicken feed we had to visit the chickens of which they have about 200! Sam was a bit terrified, especially when she paid a visit to the chicken coop and was followed by a whole crew of chickens curious about what she was doing! The McIntyre's sell their organic eggs along with various wool products at the Bellingham Farmers Market and the Queen Anne Farmers Market

Snuggling with babies, learning about chickens and being out in the spring air (rain or not!) was the perfect antidote to any kind of lingering blues. We actually started the day with a breakfast of their eggs which may become a standard once we re-start our Saturday dates at the Market. 

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