Monday, April 16, 2018

Field Trip: Bellingham Farmers Market

Steve and I have had a standing date every Saturday to the Bellingham Farmer's Market. It just reopened for the season and it was time to re-institute our weekly date! Since it's Kate's 21st birthday weekend we decided to let her join us...just this once. 

We are new converts to fresh eggs ever since we tried those of Steve's co-worker Matt's farm, McIntyre Family Farms so that was one of our first stops. The eggs are delicious, gorgeous and it makes us feel good knowing the farmer (and Steve is excited knowing they use Scratch & Feed Feeds...his new workplace product). It will be a weekly stop for us for sure. 

Next we thought a grilled cheese sounded warming on a rainy day so we grabbed a classic from Something Cheesy. We treated Kate to a gorgeous plate from Cafe Vavilov that was almost too beautiful to eat. Kate is a vegan and it was a variety of delicious veggies and spreads. 

After eating there we realized they had used Raven Breads on their plate which led us to the idea of making fancy avocado toasts so we decided to bring home our own loaf of Raven's bread and multi colored radishes. 

We ended our tour of the Market with a couple of treats for Kate...a vegan cookie from Gathered Confections and a flower bouquet. It wasn't quite the date it usually is, where we have a chance to catch up with one another, talk freely about family matters, and hopefully just goof around together. But it was a wonderful time of being with Kate and hopefully making her feeling a bit loved. And the toasts we made for dinner were works of art! 

I love our dates to the Market to get a chance to connect, both with each other and our community. Is there a market you like to frequent? Is there something that you like to pick up from there? Tell me what to look for! 

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