Monday, April 3, 2017

Make it: Fuzzy Slides

My daughter Samantha likes trendy, fun pieces for her wardrobe. It's fun to see what she finds to inspire her wardrobe choices, on instagram, thru friends or on tumbler. Her latest find was fuzzy slides. Rhianna and Gucci kicked off the trend of furry shoes and we thought we might try our hand at some! 

Gathering supplies 

We were inspired to try our hand at at making these slides when we each found a pair of plain ones while thrift shopping. Once we had those, the rest was easy. Samantha went with a furry, bright material. I decided to use a strip of boa material. Both were easy to find at craft/sewing stores in the area and cost less than $4 (coupons were easy to find and helped). 

Prepping the materials

The lengths of boa have pieces of string on both ends that I cut off before starting to apply to the shoe. We used a glue gun to apply both our materials. 

Sam gluing her fabric down

We worked slowly on the glueing down. Sam worked from one side to the other, while I started with a strip on the top and worked toward the toe. 

Gluing in process

Though the slides I have had holes the glue didn't make too much of a mess. It was just a matter of letting one strip dry before starting on the next. 

One shoe finished 
Once both of our shoes were done it was just a matter of trimming them up, and a massive clean up! Especially the fluff let from my boa! 

The finished fun!
Voila! The finished slides! We are headed to San Diego for spring break this week and are both thinking it's the perfect time to bring these out and sport them! Steve's 90 year old Mom wears slides so we are thinking maybe we'll bring our extra materials and see if she wants a pair! Would you wear a pair of these wild shoes? 

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