Monday, April 24, 2017

Deep Thoughts: Preparing to Launch, Part 2

I recently attended a meeting at my daughter's high school preparing us for her senior year and what to expect. Once piece of information that they shared were a few skills that students, and frankly anyone getting ready to fly the nest might need. One of the items on the list was using a laundromat. Which happened to come up when our oldest borrowed our sleeping bags for a camping trip and needed schooled in what to do! Time to take care of an  item on the list! 

Looking back I think the first time I used a pay machine to do laundry was when I lived in the dorm my first year at Western. My first time visiting a laundromat was probably after getting married. And let's just say Kate was uncertain about the whole process. So we were glad to run her through it. 

I'm not sure what your kids are like, but ours are pretty reasonable people. They are smart, funny and can talk to people. But this type of thing can really throw them. So going thru this exercise with her felt more like a fun field trip than anything. And giving them ways to feel empowered when they are on their own makes both Steve and I pretty happy.

Once we ran thru all the things to do (and all the quarters!) this became more of a photo shoot than anything. Kate of course was looking camera ready and there is just something about the laundromat that we just love as a backdrop. 

Other items on the list to teach your kids that are getting ready for adulthood? Calling an Uber or Lyft. Making an appointment which would include having the names and numbers of their Doctor and Dentist. Knowing basic first aid. What to do in an emergency (you 911 not Mum & Dad!). Basic personal safety and the like. 

Are there any skills you wish you would have been taught before you moved out? Or any skills I should add to my list? Curious what we should add! 


  1. I bet a friend of mine could've used you as a mother. I met her when she was in her early twenties and it was her first time away from home and away from a washing machine. Her trips to the laundromat were traumatic. She had to spend hours on her days off doing load after load. I couldn't understand why it took her so long until I found out she didn't know you could use more than one machine at a time. Needless to say, filling her in on laundromat etiquette helped make her less stressed and much easier to like.
    Kate is lucky to have you...

    1. Oh my gosh! So funny...and yet something I probably would have done when I was younger! It's been fun to figure out some of these lessons!