Monday, April 17, 2017

Make It: Acai Fruit Bowls

Like some of you we are just coming off our Spring Break which we spent in San Diego. While we were there we found a place called Nektar Juice Bar that served amazing juices, smoothies and Acai bowls. I think we had an Acai bowl three days in a row! 

So upon returning home we decided to try our hand at them ourselves. Though we don't have the amazing produce that California is already enjoying, we will be soon enough from our public markets. And I figure the more practice we get the better! 

We have found acai berry to be easy to find frozen in packets from Sambazon. We have found it locally at Fred Meyer, The Co-Op and Whole Foods.  You can buy it sweetened or unsweetened (we go for unsweetened). This is your base and then the rest can really be based on your taste. 

We were trying to make ours taste as close to the ones we had in California so we made them as follows:

2 Sambazon acai berry packets, unsweetened
2 frozen bananas
4-6 strawberries (approx)
1/4-1/2 cup of almond milk
1 tablespoon of almond butter 

Then you just give it a big blend and pour it in a bowl. Then you are welcome to top it as you wish. Everyone in our family did things a bit differently. We all topped off with bananas and strawberries, but some of us added blueberries while others added agave syrup for sweetness. I think we all added shredded coconut. 

And the thing I was really trying to copy was the type of granola used...we found Natures Path Hemp Plus Granola to be the perfect sort of granola. Not too sweet and heavy, but more of a light and crispy addition. 

We found the frozen packets this weekend at Costco as well so we loaded up in the hopes of starting many weekend days with an Acai Bowl. And I just looked up our local favorite juice bar Electric Beet Juice and found they will make any smoothie into a bowl if you need another option.  Let me know if you try making one! 

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