Monday, February 26, 2018

Deep Thoughts: How do you feel about Pot?

I live in Washington state, a place where the use of marijuana was legalized some time ago.  At first that felt like just a profusion of billboards all over town telling you the best place to shop for it. 

But now that things are calming down a bit there feels like a change is in the air. The hippie vibe is there if you want it, but there is also a sophistication and an education taking place. 

I recently met up with my friend Morgan of MOMAD productions to talk about many things, among them pot and it's place in our lives. She's incredibly tuned in, savvy and smart. Our conversation showed me that there are many involved conversations we could have, but I'll start with this. 

When do you think it will be the norm to go to a party and along with alcohol there will be offerings of different things to smoke, or edibles? I am picturing a day when instead of bar carts there are smoke carts, or tables. 

Maybe I should preface this with my own take on things. I grew up in California up until the 5th grade and my first memory of being around pot was being in a park and smelling an unusual scent. My mom told me that people were smoking "grass" and I thought they were literally picking grass and smoking! 

Once I hit High School I dated many guys that were into it and was in many situations (concerts, etc) where it was around but I just wasn't into it, only finally trying it again in my 20's. Once again I didn't find it that interesting so I only tried it twice. 

Now that it's all around us and legal I've been interviewing friends on their views on it and if they would either light up or partake at a party. Most say they wouldn't. Some say they would if depending on the host. Others that I would never suspect of being curious have said that they would try it on their own at home. 

This post is meant to be neither pro nor con on the subject. I just wonder how things will change. I have to admit to being naive and thinking when this lovely coffee shop we met up at, Trove Coffee opened I thought they might be selling pot infused lattes. They don't, though I did have a hemp milk latte. Some say that day isn't too far from now. 

I'm not sure if anyone would feel comfortable in commenting on this post but I am honestly wondering what you think. Do you feel like the gentrifying of pot will be a gradual thing? Or quicker than any of us expect? 

(ps. A shoutout to Trove Coffee who serve delicious coffee and awesome food from Avenue Bread and Wake & Bakery in a gorgeous setting!)


  1. It's hard to change our preconceived notions! I know it's legal - but there's definitely still a stigma attached, from what I can tell.

    1. Right? It's hard to shake those feeling we grew up with about it! And for me it's been interesting to see it become sophisticated and cool, rather than hippy!