Thursday, December 29, 2016

Deep Thoughts: Is it time to Hibernate Yet?

Early in November I made a commitment to post every Monday to the blog. Well, Christmas and the season really thru me for a loop and I missed this past Monday! And frankly it's because you can find me most days after work like this...running for my pjs and diving for the covers! 

Jammie time

And honestly there is nothing wrong. Our Christmas was lovely and peaceful. And now the ornaments are packed away, the little brush trees are wrapped and safe, and now there is that weird quiet that seems to accompany the end of every big holiday. Not even a let down really. Just a hush. 

I love the way the house feels bigger when we put the tree away. And I love the space that opens up when things are cleared away. And yet, that makes things feel empty. And it feels hard not to fill it with shopping, eating, or other non intentional stuff! 

But I have plans to combat this. I hope to line up some fun for the next couple of months and share it with you here! Hopefully we can all help one another thru the malaise we might experience thru the winter months. Anyone with me? 

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