Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Set the Scene: Balls of Inspiration

I love Valentines Day. There, I've said it. I don't know why it's a favorite. Maybe because it's based around telling people you love them, and there is paper and crafting involved. And of course candy and chocolate. What's not to love? 

I've heard the arguments against it.  It's commercial, we should tell one another we love them all the time, it was created by corporations, etc. All right, sure. But do we tell one another how much we care all the time? Does it hurt us to take a moment to tell our friends, our parents, our kids, our husbands & wives just how much they mean to us? 

In the spirit of embracing the holiday completely I thew these little decorations together. Can I just say that these glass balls have been so handy? They are so fun to fill with glitter, candy, whatever you can come up with really. I did have to be careful about just how much candy to fill them with as they became so heavy they pulled on the caps. I added some neon twine, a little message, and voila. A little Valentine love. 

Where do you fall on the Valentine argument? Do you celebrate? 


  1. a reason to go over the top and shower your loved ones??...I'm in!!
    I love everything about these :)

  2. These are darling, darling! :)

    And you know where I fall on Valentine's day... It's a great day to celebrate all of the people whose love makes my life richer--whether it is the love of family, friends, or my honey-bunny!

    I agree with you that yes... We should tell the people around us that we love them every day. But there are a lot of things we should do but that get put on the back burner because life can get so busy! Valentine's day is as good an excuse as any to make sure we acknowledge and celebrate them! <3