Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deep Thoughts: Sparkle & Grow

Our New Year's Eve consisted of a Plan B after scrapping plans of attending a super fun party in town that would included a disco barn & fireworks. But after realizing that we weren't up to that due to recent illness we made our own fun that included pipe-cleaner crowns, confetti, champagne & a photo shoot! 

I spent some of the Christmas season mourning that my girls were no longer "my babies" and that Christmas had maybe lost some of that magic it had when they were younger. I spent some time trying to recreate some of that magic in various ways for them and me…an advent calendar, balloons on Christmas morning, things like that. But what I really learned was they are magic.  They are magic now. They are amazing. They like making things with me. Like any teenager they love a good photo shoot! And they could spend hours throwing confetti at one another and me! 

So I am celebrating. Not just a New Year and the fresh, delicious start it brings. But I am celebrating my teenage girls. My crazy-making, lovely, smart, creative girls. I look forward to a year of playing with them. Observing them & helping the.  And simply loving on them.


  1. not sure if I like the crowns, the photoshoot with confetti, or the special memories you're making with those girls the most...happy 2014! :)

  2. You are always the sweetest! Thank you!

  3. Cheers to everything about this! You know I love crowns, glitter, a good photo shoot and spending time with your girls!!! Hugs to you all and p.s. can I borrow Sam's sweater?

    1. All of this does scream your name! And Sam says anytime on borrowing the sweater!

  4. The confetti falling on your picture almost seems to form a heart on your chest if i squint just right! :) I'm so glad you posted on facebook today because I've been super bad about checking blogs (all of them!) and it was fun to catch up on yours!