Monday, November 27, 2017

Deep Thoughts: Holiday Get Togethers

Can we be honest? Holiday get togethers can be problematic. Yes we've all seen the gorgeous photos on pinterest and instagram. We all try it ourselves. I remember the time I put out gorgeous place cards and they were completely disregarded. Yup. That would be my extended family. We have a vision in our heads and if we are honest things rarely go that way. 

There are ways to mitigate the things that may come up. We were having dinner at our oldest daughters place and with her being a new vegan and her boyfriend a vegetarian we decided to bring our own food just to take the pressure off. (Thank you Whole Foods for making things easy on us!)

And still there may have been pressure on Kate that I didn't know about. I can tend to be bossy and loud. And this is NIck's first holiday with us. I hope they had a good time. Her and Nick worked hard on the dishes and presentation. And you know, family is family. It comes with it's own issues and baggage. 

We talked a lot about this in the week leading up to Thanksgiving at work and everyone had their own worries about gatherings. Sadness about people that wouldn't be there, triggers that could come up. And we all realized that we all go thru the same things. 

The gorgeous settings are part of the stories. And so are the arguments, the dealing with hard to deal with relatives. So, we jokingly came up with a bingo game. We decided that whoever filled out the card with the most squares first of course won! 

And we had TWO bingo's! Not to reveal to much but one friend was called a communist and one had a dog attacked and may have been exposed to pink eye. There was more but you get the idea! I'll be giving out some small prizes on Monday just for fun. But hopefully the idea of bingo helped inject a bit of humor into the whole thing. Because really we are all in this together. 

So in that spirit and with the help of my friend Elizabeth we came up with a printable bingo card in case you would like to play along with your group of friends to make things feel a bit more light during your next gathering. Here it is! Bingo card

And hopefully your stories are on the fun side rather than upsetting. Care to share? And here is a link to some outrageous but I believe true stories from Buzzfeed that should make your family and mine look normal during the continuing holiday season! 

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