Monday, October 23, 2017

On My Radar: Tuft & Needle

Steve and I have been long overdue for a new mattress. We would wake up every morning not feeling refreshed or happy. He finally took care of some other sleeping issues (hello sleep apnea mask aka Darth Vader!) we decided it was time to take care of getting a new mattress. Neither of us could face the idea of going thru the usual routine of going to the stores, dealing with sales people and figuring out the right mattress and then paying a bundle of money and still not get the right thing. 

Being that I am on the computer quite a bit a new trend had been appearing. Buying a mattress online. The appeal was huge for us. Decide what we want, order online and have it arrive within a week? Sign us up! When we did some research we found that Tuft & Needle had all the right qualifications. Great feedback from both consumers and the press. A great warranty of try it for 100 days and if it didn't work they help you donate it to a local charity or non-profit. And their price was quite a bit easier to take than some of the other online companies. We decided to go for it! 

And go for it we did. We had a box on our doorstep within a week! It was that easy! And so strange to realize that a queen sized mattress was in the box on our porch. 

Once you get your box inside you bring your mattress into the area you want it and start cutting it free from it's packaging. It almost instantly starts to take form. It's vacuum packed so it's pretty crazy to see it start to look like a mattress! 

The above photo looks crazy, but this it what the mattress looked like right before we fully started to cut it free from the packing. Once you do it starts to look like  a traditional mattress. And we could't believe how plush and wonderful it was almost instantly! 

This is us on it within an hour! It feels amazing. It's plush and firm at the same time. Once we bought it I found out friends have one as well and have been very happy with theirs. They find it stays cool in the summer and it's snuggly in the winter. It's been a very easy transition for us to this from a traditional mattress. We have placed ours on our old box spring which is perfect! We ended up going back online and buying the mattress pad to protect our new investment. It just arrived and makes things feel even more comfortable! 

Have you tried buying a mattress online? Has it been a good experience? Would you consider it? We just found out that Tuft & Needle just opened a store in Seattle which we are hoping to visit at some point. Because they have pillows too! We may need to add to our set up! 

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