Monday, May 15, 2017

Field Trip: Herbivore Botanicals Spring Shopping Event in Seattle

Friends, I am all about trying to move toward natural skincare and makeup. And when you package it in a beautiful, minimalist way even better. And when it's made in Seattle it's an incredible bonus. So, when I found out thru Facebook that Herbivore Botanicals was opening up their showroom for a shopping event I was all in. 

So, on Wednesday I met a friend for lunch in Seattle then after a quick visit to one of my favorite stores, Moorea Seal we headed over to the event. Though you head into a regular looking office building the lovely smell of their products greets you as you hit the floor they are located on!  We were welcomed with a free pin and then into the showroom for some shopping. 

They had a lovely spread of food and treats (Cupcake Royal cupcakes!) but we were truly focused on seeing the space, and of course shopping. The office is a lovely, open area full of natural light and white furniture. This is the type of place I imagined working at when I was in my cube working at a bank! I wish I would have gotten more photos, but lets just say it's a well curated, relaxing spot. We were told that the production happens in a building a couple buildings away and that is smells even more amazing there. I can't even imagine! 

After taking in the space, we got down to shopping! They have beautifully packaged, natural and cruelty free skin care and it's really hard to chose. I've been a fan of the Coconut Milk Bath Soak  for some time and can't think of a more luxe bath. I also have the Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray and have been so happy with both I felt ready to try some of the other products I have heard raves about. 

So I decided to try the Phoenix Facial Oil Roller. It's meant to help skin regenerate, and rehydrate which is something I would be more than happy to see happen! It has a beautiful, light fragrance and feels delicious on my skin. It's lovely to have a skin treatment that smells so delightful, will help your skin be it's best, and you know you aren't exposing your body to unnecessary chemicals! 

I also purchased the Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask. I've long been trying to make Sunday night a spa night and felt like this would be the perfect addition. It takes the smallest amount (1/2 - 1 tbsp) mixed with a bit of water to make a mask that will exfoliate and soften your skin. And again, this smells wonderful. Almost a bit like a sweet tea. Along with our purchases they gave us a lovely gift of the Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist which my daughter tried to take right away! A toning, hydrating facial spray that again smells fantastic. I can't wait to put all these products to good use! 

The highlight of the visit had to be our quick chat with the founders of the line, Alex Kummerow and Julia Wills who couldn't be sweeter, more open and so excited about their brand. Alex admitted to being a "plant nerd" and talked of how much they enjoy learning about plants and their properties, and the uses they have. Much of their brain storming takes place in Hawaii where they can un-plug and really think about the next thing. And if they can't get to Hawaii, they said the next place they brainstorm is with Julia in the bath and Alex taking notes! We joked about "bath culture" but I really believe they have created a wonderful addition to what we have available when it come to pure, plant based body products. And after meeting the two of them I am sure I will become even more of a devotee to the brand. Picturing the thought and care that goes into everything they do makes it all mean that much more! 

Interested in trying some yourself? You can find Herbivore Botanicals online here, or if you are local you can find them at Spruce downtown! Let me know what you try! 


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