Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Field Trip: Spruce

So, do you ever have a week where it rains every day and that new pet that you really love is feeling like a huge investment when he isn't getting along with your other pets and your teenagers don't seem to like you, and you never seem to see your spouse? You don't?  Well, I tend to have those weeks every once in a while. You mix in weather, the idea of a time change and sleep deprivation and you get a tired and cranky me. So I am very glad to have a cheerful, happy place in town to escape to and I would like to introduce you. Spruce is the lovely shop of Brittney O'Brien who is hysterical, creative and just plain fun. Bad moods run from her presence. 

To have a store like this in Bellingham is just such a huge thing. We now have access to lovely wrapping paper, creative independent magazines, and huge balloons! I'm talking huge people…"Red Balloon" huge…the French movie they used to show in elementary school that fascinated me. Pure joy. These are all the type of things that I would have to make a trip to Seattle to in the past. Now it's minutes away. 

And cool brands like Rifle Paper Co. and Knot & Bow that are made helmed by women. Working for a woman makes me aware and happy to see others in creative businesses. You put all the above together and you have a place you can find me most Saturdays. I encourage you if you are in town or find yourself in town to check it out. And if you need added incentive there is a Chocolate shop & a Dessert shop right next door! 

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  1. This store looks & sounds amazing! I can imagine going in there and instantly getting cheered up!