Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Set the Scene: Valentine Breakfast

We have a daughter that will be spending Valentine's Day in Hawaii with her Grandparents so we did some celebrating early. It's always been fun to celebrate with the girls by having little treats by their breakfast plates before school…which meant that they actually got a breakfast on those school days as well, rather than grabbing one on the fly (which was a gift in itself…I'm not always a morning person.) But this time I enlisted my husband to help with the meal and it went above and beyond. 

Let's just say that if it could be make in heart form, Steve figured out how to do it!  You can't really tell it of the rolls, but we tried. And there was heart shaped bacon, but that was gobbled up too fast to get a photo of. And then there was heart shaped eggs…which I didn't get a photo of either. But they were awesome!  It was funny to see how far he would take it. 

Putting together this breakfast with Steve was so much fun. And doing things like this for my family is fun for me as well as them.  The shopping, the planning, the event. If they don't remember the funny glasses, the place cards (done by the lovely Brittney at Spruce), the chalkboard paper cloth, I do hope they remember the feeling of being loved & celebrated. 

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