Thursday, November 14, 2013

Make it: Pinecone Garland

My daughter Samantha and I are what you would call impatient crafters. We are the type that are a bit down and dirty. If we can't have quick results, as in pretty right away we aren't really interested. So, this craft was for us.

 A group of pinecones, some gold & silver paint for some gilding, some twine, a bit of hardware in the way of little o-ring thingies, and we were in business. I like the combination of earthy and gilded. They easily compliment the pumpkins and the rest of the mantle. And I think they will be re-imagined as gift toppers at Christmas! Bonus! 


  1. So great. Do you glue or drill the circle things into the pinecone?

    1. Gesh. Nice directions I gave, huh? You can just twist the circle hangers into the pinecones! Once you get them to start they go pretty easy!